Electrical insulating blanket

Electrical insulating blanket

Electrical insulating blanket is a versatile protection of the staff from inadvertent contact with live electrical conductors and circuits. It prevents also short-circuits in electrical installation.

Our article EIP0-1,5x0 is certified as per IEC 61112:2009 for class 0, categories A (acid resistant) and Z (ozone resistant).

Electrical Insulating Blanket EIP0-1,5x0

Material: high grade rubber compound

Surface: cloth impression

Standard colour: orange

Bottom side: cloth impression

Thickness: 1,5 mm (+/- 0,2) 



standard: 1000 mm; 1200 mm (-0/+20)

maximum: 1200 mm (-0/+20)


standard: 10 m; 20 m

maximum: 30 m

Basic weight: abt. 1,6 kg/m2

Marking: durably precured marking tape

Package: rolls

Certified to IEC 61112:2009 for Class 0 Categories A & Z (resistant to acids and ozone)


The working voltage stated by IEC 61112:2009 for class 0 blanket is 1000 V A.C. and 1500 V D.C.

The blanket is produced of a high grade elastomer standardly in orange colour. The thickness is  1,5 mm.

Marking is done by precuring a lengthwise marking tape covering the entire roll length. This way of marking is durable and unerasable.

The blanket is delivered in rolls which makes it possible to cut out shapes sized to the needs of final users. Thus it can be used for many applications.

Standard roll width: 1 m or 1,2 m.

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